Steam Summer Sale 2016 is underway

Steam Summer Sale 2016

The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is underway. Steam sales are a way of getting many PC games for cheap on Steam – the digital distribution service. Once purchased, games can be downloaded using the steam client. While during earlier years, Steam sales used to feature Flash Deals which would have deep discounted games on sale for a limited period of time. However, flash deals seem to have been abandoned since the introduction of Steam Refunds, as users can refund a game within a specified period (subject to some conditions as mentioned by Valve), if they can find it cheaper.
Steam sales are usually considered a good time to pick up on games one might have thought of purchasing earlier, but didn’t get around to. However, may users express concerns that the deals are not as good as they used to be during the time when flash sales were available.
You can check out the sale by visiting the Steam Site.

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