NASSCOM announces NGDC 2017

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NASSCOM – the industry body responsible for conducting the NASSCOM Game Developers’ Conference (NGDC) has announced that NGDC 2017 will be held 9th to 11th November, 2017 at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre in Hyderabad, Telengana, India. This is an annual event the last iteration of which was also streamed on Twitch. Previous iterations of this event have taken place in Pune.
Events such as this allow Indian Game Developers to share knowledge, best practices, observations, network as well as to let loose and socialize with their peers. Many students also use this opportunity to network with professionals.

Unity announces UNITE India on 8-9 November

An interesting addition this year is the fact that Unity, the game engine makers, will be having their UNITE conference simultaneously. UNITE will feature speaks on topics pertaining to Unity users, as well as a special showcase for games made with Unity. Unity’s conference would happen on 8 and 9th November, roughly the same time as NGDC. The location is the same as NGDC – this would facilitate attending both conferences – as those with interest in the Unity Engine would also be interested in attending NGDC.
Like every year, the conference this year is expected to feature workshops, game jams, pitching venues etc. These events are useful for publicity, as well as to discover and encourage new talent. Game Devs from all walks of life – from school children to industry veterans take part in various roles during the event – some mentor while other gather useful information to build games. In addition to these, the networking opportunity is immense. Attendees from companies such as Activision, Moonfrog, Paradox Interactive, Zynga etc. have participated in past iterations.
In addition to formal events, they usually also feature informal ones, such as parties with DJs etc.
Tickets can be booked on the official site. In addition to their normal passes, tickets with UNITE passes can also be purchased as a combination from the same site.

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