India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) 2023

This year, IGDC indicated that the time for the Indian Gaming industry has finally come. We are seeing awesome games like Brocula, Fishbowl, Palace on the Hill etc. which are a vast improvement over the previous state of the industry that now it is only a question of how long, not if.

Availability of funding was ample- there were booths of many publishers such as Krafton, Nazara etc. who were willing to share their expertise and knowledge with the new developers.

Lots of great exposure – from Shuhei Yoshida to foreign press – has been present at the event. The event went from being a small-ish blip to a beacon in the international gaming community.

A few interesting observations –

  • Netflix has decided to partner with Palace on the Hill after Raji, making investments and sharing knowledge that would lead to the development of the ecosystem
  • FAU-G has a second go around with a new game/version. Developed in association with Dot9 games, it still carries the iconic name as well as the army based setting, but it is getting a makeover and is looking more like a battlefield type game.
  • Indus is huge. With character’s lore origin starting with Dr. Homi J. Bhaba to playable build with a lot of swag – Indus had dominated the event
  • Pyspher Interactive was showing off their latest multiplayer racing game Cosmic race, which seemed awesome
  • Xigma games showcased Metal Haven, a strategy game which looks like Starcraft, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 and other such real time strategy games

Overall, seems like a great edition of the IGDC, hopefully these are the beginnings of some great things!

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