Experience at Global Game Jam 2015 – Dhruva, Bangalore

Global Game Jam 2015

The Global Game Jam 2015 was held during 23-25 Jan. I went to the Dhruva – Bangalore leg of the Game Jam. Fifty seven participants registered for the same, and fourty two registered for the Jam at the Microsoft Office in Bangalore. Pune and Mumbai hosted their jams as well. People from all walks of life, from enthusiasts to professionals came to participate in the same. There were people of varying interests too, such as those interested in writing, programming, advertisements etc. At our center, most people did not come with a pre-formed team. As such, they made teams on the fly, and this resulted in some really diverse interactions.
The competition began at 5:00 PM, which began with the following keynote address.

The theme of this year was announced as “What do we do now”. After the address, most people got busy forming teams and forming an interpretation of the theme. During the 48-hour span, many people did go back to their homes for things like showering and stuff. However, sleeping and eating arrangements were available which made the whole process much easier for the participants.

GGJ 15 in progress, Dhruva, Bangalore

On Sunday (Jan 25th) at 5 PM, the Game Jam got over. This was followed by a presentation of their games by the various teams that participated in the competition.
Further details, including their press release can be accessed here. Check out their site for more details, as well as to play the games made during the jam – http://globalgamejam.org/ .

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