NASSCOM conducts Virtual Reality Storytellers Guild event in Bengaluru

NGF VR Event

NASSCOM conducted the “Virtual Reality Storytellers Guild” event in Bengaluru. The event was conducted in the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse. The event consisted of 3 parts  –

  1. A 5-day workshop (20th to 24th February) The participants, consisting of artists, film makers, technologists came together and created their VR projects which could help in the social development of the masses.
  2. A Pitching event (25th February) The projects created were presented to a jury consisting of industry experts. This was done in order to create a seed fund for the projects. Many parties who were interested in funding projects related to such causes were already demonstrating interest to the point that some were being actively being considered for funding by them.
  3. A conference (25th February) Discussions on the future of VR in the country took place, along with a panel on the same. While some panel members were of the opinion that the peak time for VR adoption was yet to come, some were convinced that the time was ripe for development in VR.
Panel Discussion at the NASSCOM VR Storytellers Guild

The event was attended by major players across VR, gaming, film making, art and social welfare circles. This also led to some interesting discussions in application of VR with the masses as a target, rather than the niche that it currently is.
While most people were in agreement that Virtual Reality is a very useful tool to promote learning as well as help in social causes, there were many skeptics of when the technology would attain sufficient momentum that it becomes viable for both developers as well as users. The cost of a VR headset was also discussed as a limiting factor, though the advent of technologies such as Google Cardboard could bypass this limitation.
NASSCOM 10000 Startups is interested in promoting Virtual Reality startups.

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